Disneynature Will Plant a Tree For ‘EARTH’ Viewers

Disneynature, the first new film label to be introduced by Disney in 60 years, will celebrate its premiere film, “EARTH,” by planting a tree in honor of every moviegoer who sees the film in its opening week. The film will be released nationally on Earth Day (April 22).

Disney will ensure that trees are planted in areas conservationists have identified as important “hot spots of biodiversity.” Disney will oversee the planting of the trees in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, which is considered the most endangered rain forest in the world. With only 7 percent of the original forest remaining, Disney is committed to ensuring the trees are planted and cared for to provide the greatest long term benefit for the planet.

“The public is looking for films like ‘EARTH’ that are entertaining, educational, show nature’s beauty and are environmentally conscious,” said Jean-François Camilleri, executive vice president and general manger of Disneynature.

Narrated by James Earl Jones, “EARTH” tells the story of three animal families (elephants, polar bears and humpback whales) and their journeys across the planet. Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, the acclaimed creative team behind the Emmy Award®-winning series “Planet Earth,” both directed the film.

The article is taken from, oh i wish the movie would be played here in Malaysia too!! Support earth day people!!

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