I’m back from camporama!! And if you ask me how it was, I will say “IT’S SUPER FUN!!” sadly I didn’t get to complete all the activities. So here’s the recap from day 1 till the end.
On Wednesday I had to go for the prize giving ceremony for the Star video competition that I won. These people all very geng la, go and change the venue last minute and mess up all the plans, then Lynn called me and told me the uncle who’s driving us to camp decided to leave earlier! Lagi best la. So I was contemplating on what to do, my mom was asking me what I should do, so I decided to just go and see what happens. So the day comes, thank God that they decided to start the prize giving earlier, and there weren’t many people, just the winners and the Star and Taylor’s people. Sadly the anime girls group didn’t come...aww. I wanted to meet them, hehe. The ceremony was simple and we had photo taking, the photographer had to come late and so my mom rushed me to Lynn’s house, we reached on time and I was actually early!! Yay! So after that we went to the uncle’s house, loaded the luggage into the van and went to the camp. We stopped for KFC on the way, man; it was really a small town. Service was really, really slow. If it was KL, people would be going off to another place of complaining like mad. We reached the camp at about 8.30 p.m, and surprisingly they haven’t started the program yet! So wow! We got changed into out Indian clothes and joined them for the city night. I was in India city, so the place was really done up well, the leaders and commanders did a awesome job making and preparing everything, they lit the campfire, we had a few fun facts which were acted out, for example India started using plastic bags after 1948, the birth rate in India a year is equal or more than the population of Australia. Cows have rights in India. We also learned all the cheers and yells, really funny and creative cheers that they came up with. They also did the stick dance and played a few ice breaker games. So that was our first night in camp.
Second day, opening ceremony, I liked the parade of colours, and they let go the helium balloons, but not into the air, they’re still tied to a string. Then we had the first day of intercity challenges, Frisbee was the game! And also the cardboard regatta. According to Lynn, her church (India city) was training for Frisbee and well it showed, because we won first! In the cardboard regatta, they had t build a boat our of cardboard and row it from one end to the other (they really had to put the boat in the water). Our construction team wore yellow hates (so cute!). So there were three way on how they would judge, first is the first one to reach wins, second is the time it takes to row from one end to the other, or if everyone sinks, it is judged by who sinks in style. Well Australia’s sunk immediately, Japan won this one. Of by the way, there were four cities, India, Japan, china and Australia. After that we had lunch and city day (where we visit the cities) opened. Well basically, we go and visit the cities, which have all been allocated a spot and they try to make it looks as if it was really that city. We the visitors, go there, do the activities and then we get the badge from the mayor in the end. I had duties so I only had the second half to go and play, so I tried to go to china, which was opened during the first half, they said no sadly. Well so I headed to Australia, they had the crocodile hunter zoo, surfers beach and shack, a rugby are, and general info, their arch way was a giant boomerang which was really nice and colourful. To get the badge we had to play a game of slow motion rugby and for my turn we had to do the weirdest victory dance. We just lined up in a row, and someone sort of ‘shot’ us. After that, we headed out to Japan, where we saw people sumo wrestling (Japan brought these sumo suits which you can wear), I visited the tea house, watched the sushi making and tea ceremony, I didn’t go for the geisha thing though, not enough time. Then me and Lynn tried to go for the canoe thing, but it was closed. So we washed up and went for dinner, we went early so that Lynn could call victor for he psychology notes thing. As for me, I just caught up with my reading. Service started, since we were 18 and technically not rangers, we just sat where all the leaders and commanders sat. I sat next to the pastor who promotes the book of hope mag, and there was one funny incident where commander Reuben was talking about skillarama and I looked at my badge to see how many I completed, then he told the crowd, “Now don’t go and look at your badge now ok” then Lynn and the pastor started laughing at me. Lol. Service was awesome, and lots of people went out for the altar call for those who wanted to position themselves to serve God. And as for the kids (separate service) about 42 came out to accept Christ!
Day 3, Same thing in the morning, they had a parade then the intercity challenges, well this time it was laser tag, where you try to ‘kill’ your opponent and also get the top secret info. So this one I wasn’t really interested in, because well it’s all electrical shooting and it’s like seeing counter strike live. I was given duty for the second half this time. The first thing me and Lynn did was line up for the flying fox thing, and there wasn’t really a long line. IT WAS SUPER FUN AND I PURPOSELY TRIED TO MAKE IT GO faster!! We had to walk back up the stony hill, but it was so painful that I waved at car coming at our direction and asked if the guy could drive us up the hill, he was nice enough to do so, n the way we passed two girls who went before me and they were painfully walking up the hill (ouch) lesson learnt, just be thick skinned and ask people to drive you up. LOL. After that we headed to the canoe’s, this was super funny, we went straight to fast and banged into people, then we banged on the rocks, and we were screaming all the time, Lynn wanted to hit me with the rowing stick because I wasn’t rowing it right. After that she had to go for duty and so did I, but I decided to sidetrack a bit. So I visited china to get my badge, had to eat the gluttonous ball thing...I didn’t like it and tell them a Chinese fact/story. Their terracotta army was made out of plastic toy soldiers with guns, so the little kids asked why they had guns, the guy was like “ well maybe they had guns” and he told them that throwing sand at the little figures gave them luck and they really believed and did that!! Hahahahaha. Finally went for duty, half an hour late, hehe. It was the cricket duty again, and there was this guy helping me, he was good at throwing the cricket balls, and he wanted to do so, so I let him. I just punched the holes on the tag (to indicate you have done the activity) and pick up the cricket balls (they’re actually tennis balls). Duty was done and we headed back to wash up and have dinner. Service this time was on the message of salvation and Jesus, so about 13 people gave their lives to Jesus!! Wooohoo!! After that, Lynn went crazy due of lack of sleep and started playing scissors, paper, stones and the loser gets hit game, and then another unnamed game. We also took photos of our shadow and toured her friend winny’s sleeping area, way better than ours of course, and finally we went to sleep, I was so tired I just slept even though the lights were on and people were talking all around.
Day 4, we have the closing ceremony, each city won one trophy so it was good and fair. And I followed my mom’s friend home.
This camp was really fun and it’s not like leadership camps or church camps where you have two services and packed programs with loads of games in between and not much time to rest. It had service and games and parade and all, but I felt much more relaxed and not so pressure or forced to do the activities. You chose to do what activities you want and when you want (for games and city day), and it’s not too strict, it’s a bit different than normal ones. I really had fun, got to meet Lynn’s church friends and do things that I haven’t done before like archery, canoeing and flying fox.
Now, after camp, I went straight home, had to start helping my mom for the house dedication, the usual stuff la, cutting, carrying plates, washing cups, the guests came, we ate first, then had worship, a short preaching and then we started praying room to room. Finally everyone went back and I got to sleep, I was so tired, I didn’t notice that my com was on the whole night.
I shall try to upload the pics and video’s I took ASAP!!

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