Pictures Galore

Looking at all these pictures you'll notice a few things:
1. There are no buildings
2. No people
3. It consists of animals and landscapes, basically nature
4. None of it man made
5. There is no way to remake any of it the same way
6. God's handy work

Things made by man are really mechanical, unnatural, narrow minded and temporary, in contrast with the things God makes, he makes things to last for a long time and also to benefit other things, and the best of all, each one is a work of art. Although these creations of His are just fantastic, the most fantastic one of all is You, we humans are made in His image, how much more cooler can it get from that? =)

I just feel like posting these pictures because they're so nice and photographic wise just plain awesome! Oh something random about college, today i was asked to talk about 'light', guess what i said, "let there be light" and many other things like Thomas Edison, Hong kong, rainbows and random things related to light. Got a 8/8.5 band though! yay!

I'm also having a horrible flu, no it's not H1N1, why? because i got it due to the highly effective chill, no i mean freezing of the collge airconds, and i don't know why the lecturers don't feel it....are they used to it or something? Need to adapt to the environment (coldness of the airconds) of college.

Expect more picture posts in the future, because i got a lot of emails with pretty pictures in them, hint hint if you have emails with pretty pictures (i mean really pretty in the txtbook definition, not any other kind of pretty) send them to me.

Btw, these are National Geographics Best Pictures. All copyrights/credits go to National Geographic.Enlarge Pictures for clear view of details.

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