Pre report of comic fiesta 2009

It's over! the event that i specially mark out each year in my calendar is over...awww.... Before i write a detailed report, i'll just write about the stuff i bought. This year, the doujin booths were selling loads of hetalia and vocaloid stuff, sadly, i wasn't into those!! so nothing much to sell to a customer like me who's only looking out for CODE GEASS and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN stuff. sad i know. But nevertheless, helps to save my pocket from burning a huge hole, gotta save up for singapore right? Luckily for me, some artist though of niche markets like me and i was a ready customer, i bought:
1. Naruto shippuden akatsuki 2010 calendar
2. CC and Anya keychains
3. Lelouch's eyes bookmark (really cool!!)
4. Asian countries sticker (Hetalia)
5. A postcard of pain and his friends when they were young.

That's all about comic fiesta for now.

On another note, yesterday i went for the club christmas party, and i was looking at these people making christmas tree's for the christmas tree making contest, and well to be honest they just made the tree the way the organisers of the contest told them too, i was a little bored i admit, so i ust went ahead and joined too. I already had my concept in mind, it was the spiral kinda christmas tree, so i got my dad to figure out the engineering side of it, meaning, how to make it stand and stay in shape, and my mom decided to chip in too near the end when she saw me and my dad working on it. So i won first place!! yay!!! got RM200 voucher to spend in the club. Oh yeah, it was a good thing i signed up late too anyway, i got all the leftover glitter that they had,so they just gave it all to me hehe.

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