Movie review- The naked kitchen (korean)

First and foremost, if you're asking, why is she watching korean shows at this crucial time, and i thought she wasn't a korean drama are the answers, stress relief and yes, i'm still not a korean drama fan.

On to the movie! Just finished watching it and reading the reviews made by others, because to tell you the truth, the ending was just way way confusing! made no sense at all and worst, no one knows what is written on the postcard, which would proabably explain a lot about the ending. Translators, please help clear this dillemma. What can i say about this movie....confusing, the movie was wrongly named as it's called the naked kitchen but there's no nudity in the kitchen (phew), i didn't recognise joo ji hoon for some reason and at the end of the movie i was really irritated with the main actress. To sum it up, at the end of the movie i was thinking to myself "i just wasted so many hours". Sad, i know. Korean drama's and movies have once again failed to pull me into the craze (note: the only korean drama's i like are Princess Hours and Boys over flowers, that's all.)

Issues about adultery, traingle relationship, friendship were the main focus. Morally wise, this movie just shows that the moral standard of the world is detiorating fast. The husband just beat up the other guy and then let the wife choose who she wanted, and even with that the answer of which she choose wasn't clear. Irritating. The ending seemed like everything was forgiven in just a few months and three of them look like childhood friends having fun with each other. The part where she fed the both of them after the fight, it looked like she was this greedy woman who expected the two men to live together and be fine with 'sharing' her. My only consolation for watching this movie was that the food presentation was good, made you wanna go cook at the spot. I like the concept of shooting the movie and there were the rare but nice moments that made you smile ( the food testing part).
The only reason i watched this movie because it was on the top ten movies in A let down.

Rating: 3/10

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