Leap Year movie review

This movie is good despite the bad reviews it got, it's a chickflick, don't expect intelectual dialogue, firing guns and plot twists. Simple and sweet, that's what it is. So the movie is about anna a lady who has everything under control, the cadiologist boyfriend, a great career, and she's going to buy a house with her boyfriend in a place she's always dreamed of living in. One day she hears from her friend that she spotted her boyfriend Jeremy coming out from a jewelry shop and they get exited that she's going to get engaged after 4 years of dating. At dinner, Jeremy pops out a box and what's inside? earring. Yes earrings, for her ears. (paraphrased from her actual qoute)

She's devastated and he goes to Dublin, Ireland for a conference. She then decides to listen to her father who tells her of a tradition in Ireland where a woman can propose to a man on the 29th of Febuary, she decides to do so and gets on the next plane there. Due to turbulance and bad weather, the plane is forced to land in wales and she has to find her own way to Dublin. In comes Declan, a moody, sarcastic innkeeper who at first doesn't want to take her to dublin, but later decides to. This begins their funny, and eventful journey.

The scenery of Ireland is ust beautiful. It makes you want to go there yourself and hitchhike or something. If you're into old ruins and sea water splashing on rocks yes you'll like it.

Like i said before, the story is predictable, it's easy to link what they're saying to what they've mentioned before. The thing about love stories is chemistry. And they have got it, i liked how they didn't rush into them suddenly liking each other, like what the show "The proposal" did, didn't make sense there, here it does. There's character exploration and development, you get to see the history behind them. I was a little bit disappointed with the ending, it was as if the scriptwriters couldn't figure out how to create enough suspense, and the pitfall effect. They needed that for the ending (no i cannot give out spoilers).

Lesson learnt here, don't judge a movie by it's review.
Rating: 8/10

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