A New Look

Hope you weren't questioning yourself when you clicked my blog URL and saw a whole new layout. It's new for me too and i'm getting used to it myself. I decided yesterday that i should try something new for my blog, and me being the environmental person that i am decided on this layout. The layout's name is called tree house, so it has that feeling to it. It also seems that my old posts blend in well with it, so yippie me!!

1 more paper to go and i'm done with this semesters exams, and after that the party begins! ok, the 1 person party because most of my friends still have exams, i think i'm the only one who finishes this early, yes, i get the stares and jealous sighs from them constantly, but hey, there's the pro's and cons to everything. I have to immediately start on my unit 4 eng lit coursework. I have no idea what i'm going to do and that's scary.

Other than that, i got a cut on my leg and hand when i woke up, the source of those cuts still remain a mystery to me till now. that would be 4 hours so far, hahahaha.

These are the films i want to watch this holiday season:
1. Shreck 4
2. Letters to Juliet
3. Toy story 3
4. Prince of persia (because it's a jerry buckheimer film, he did the pirates trilogy)

these are the main 4, anything else may or may not attract me based on how much money i have left.

So off i go to study for my final paper! buh bye

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