Comic Fiesta 2010 Day 2

After an exhausting Day 1, I made my way to see what was installed for the next day. People were crowding outside the hall, waiting for the doors to open, before that everyone did a countdown full of enthusiasm. Since I had already gone through all the Doujin booths the day before, I made my way to the stage to book a nice spot. And it was a good thing I did because the screening of Danny Choo’s Culture: Japan episode 1 and 2 was shown. I really liked it as it was easy going yet informative. I learnt a lot about Japan just from the two episodes, for example, in Japan they have this “Itasha” where they put anime character stickers on their car. Not the small little ones you buy in the pasar malam but the big ones where you have to customize it. They even have a competition to see who has the best “Itasha”. He also covered a few things like Anime Figures, how they’re made, clone figurines from Good Smile, Maid cafes (wow the maids are really energetic and cute), doll customisation shop, Japanese culture festival in a school and the Edo wonderland. I liked the Edo wonderland one as the people there all dress up in traditional costumes and you can even learn how to be a ninja, just like Danny did. The voice stress Shiori Mikami also guest starred in both episodes, in the second episode, Danny tried to do voice acting with 4 other voice actresses. Not to forget the bicycle thing, in Japan they have this service where they store your bicycles for you underground!! That is so sci-fi- ish (For me), I wish they had something like this in Malaysia for motorbikes perhaps. Ok, I think i’ve gone too far about this, but I just really liked the episodes so much, Japan is so cool I need to go visit it one day. So if you want to find out more you can go to This Website. The show will be broadcasted on Animax every Friday 8pm. 

After that, the Malaysian Lolita Club had a fashion runway show. Here everyone got to see a variety of Lolita dresses and fashion, the girls were cute and very loli-like as they posed for the camera’s.

Then it was another stage performance, this time an exercise routine, although no one could understand a thing they were saying because it was in Japanese, it was funny to see their actions and facial expression. Very serious, very exercise routine. 

Finally it came the time for the solo cosplay competition, this year it was different as they had more rules that restricted the participants, for example, they couldn’t interact with the judges or the emcees (many had done that last year). The participants were very creative with the way they portrayed their character, others got nervous in front of the crowd and some had really, really good cosplays. Like this cosplayer who had a sword that was bigger than her, very cool. For those who made it to the finals, they were paired up and had to do a skit with each other.

Since it was the last day, the emcees were throwing free posters at the crowd (I got one yay!) and loads of prizes that people had to do something for. It’s amazing what people would do just for a Nips poster, they willingly put themselves up to whatever the emcees could think of. They also showed a video of what Alfred had been doing for the past year. A surprise for me because i’ve watched the video before but never knew it was him!

Gempak had an autograph session again, this time the artists were Keith, Kaoru, Joe and Nishiki. After the prizes were given out to the cosplayers, in the tradition of comic fiesta, the final dance was held. This is where everyone goes crazy even though their energy levels are near zero. And that people, marks the end of comic fiesta 2010.

Personal Comments:

I was very excited to do the side quests but unfortunately, the friends I came with on day 1 couldn’t make it for Day 2, so I decided not to try. But I did see the card you got when you unlocked the quest; it looked like the World of Warcraft Quest unlocked image, nice.

Didn’t get to go for the industry seminars because it was held simultaneously with the events in the hall, and opportunity cost you know (oh darn, economics). Due to the lack of space they had to have them in separate rooms, just wish I could have sat for at least one.

Wish they could have used the big screen at the stage area to project what was going on on stage. This would allow people at the back to see what’s going on and everyone wouldn’t need to crowd at the stage area.

Lastly, here's a video by Young News Network on Comic Fiesta and Cosplayers:

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