Happy 2009

No it's not too late to say Happy 2009 cause it's still 2009, and it'll be for let's see, the next 353 days! So for those who are wondering how the ISC (international students camp) went, you'll have to ask me, cause honestly, there's too much to say that i might forget/get tired when writing it, pluse u have to hear all the stories with my expression, lol perasanted. Yesterday was my birthday, yeah, so didn't do much except go out for lunch with schoolfriends, and dinner with family. But it was a cool birthday, technically i'm 18 so it's considered a milestone, oh boy.

The thing is, the day before, i was bombarded with what i call the 4 big problems of life, yea, just the thing i needed a day before my birthday. So as i was so depressed, probably so down low in the pit you couldn't see me, i decided to write in my diary to sort out my thoughts, then i decided to go on Youtube, and i saw the video link for louie gigllio's sermon titled 'How great is Our God', decided to click on it just to rewatch, so happened it was part 3, and that part he was talking about how we are created.

Interesting facts, one cell contains 3 billion characters describing who we are and God's purpose for you.

So it was like, really comforting for one of the problems i was facing, and kinda cool, a sermon about how incredible the human creation is a day before your birthday. Then he went on saying, 'To those who trust in the Lord, he will hold them in the palm of his hand for the rest of their lives'. There were many other things, but one things was clear, God was speaking directly to me through that message/video. Incredible huh? Finally he ended with laminin, which is a type of protein. You should see the video for yourself to see what i mean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0-NPPIeeRk So yeah that's about all. I think this message was the best birthday present i could receive. Because to go from the lowest of lowest to the highest in such a short time, that's like wow.

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