Yes i was thinking to myself today, when was the last time it rained and oh right, that was yesterday. See the weather is going in extreme's, on minute it's raining everywhere and the next it's as hot as the sahara. Somehow though yesterday there was no rain at a place called jalan imbi, cool eh. Yeah well, my college friend eng hoe invited A0907 to go play captainball at his church at jalan imbi, but then it turns out i was the only one who showed up,swt.

Went to his aunts house and finally got to go inside because normally i just fetch him there and leave. So then as we rode in the car, i got to know his brothers which well, we only get to hear about in college. Reached the church and lo and behold we were early, really early. So just sat down and talked to his bro about manga. And for your information, yeah manga is a good topic to talk to me about, we could go on all day especially if we read the same ones and are on the same page (literally). Met the church members and i tried making friends with the little girl andrea, it was so cute cause at first she was really scared of the ball, but after awhile she got the hang of it. Everyone was nice and just encouraged her not ot be scared, and they were all guys, so that's a nice change, haha.

The game started when more people came and i think in the end there were more girls than guys, all in all the mix was good and there was quite and equal spread of skills between the teams. I have to say this is the most fun i've had playing captainball because half the time we were laughing. See we have a mix of ages from 13 to 20 plus, so when the younger ones get the ball, give them chance la. The main point was to enjoy the game. And the laughing part, well all sorts of things happened and sometimes it was just plain playfulness. The field was small too so i didn't need to run much! yay for me because actually i didn't plan on playing for the whole 2 hours, as i didn't want to hurt myself (mom mentioned that i am clumsy and prone to hurting myself, evident from the sprain i had on both legs) because June is honestly packed with lots of things (yay finally!). But in the end i played all the rounds and it was a good, non streneous exercise. It's nice lah, just to have casual captainball games where everyone is not trying to be so competitive all the time. Competitions are different stories altogether.

After the game we went across the street from the church to this open area where hawkers set up their stalls. While eating i spotted su's dad and bro's, said hi to them and asked them where the famous song su yi was, oh turns out she was at home doing some work. ayohhh. And that was my saturday alright. Before that, i forgot to mention that i bought my sports shoes a few hours before the game. I really did need a pair as my old ones are fit to be put in the museum and put under special care as they're falling apart. And it's purple!! and i bought a purple bag to match too! Because well my backpack was also falling apart, so i needed a new one. Two lovely purple things in one day.

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