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A very unoriginal title but absolutely necessary, because that is exactly what i did, ahahahahahaha. I got sick of the spammers/virus and the people who actually read my blog also commented about it. Honestly, i was on the verge of switching to wordpress because i just thought it would be cool, but that doesn't really solve the problem and it would be abandoning this little plot of space i have in the web realm. Forgive me if i speak weirdly, a daily dose of 'The Big Bang Theory' will do that to you. I think Sheldon cooper is rubbing off on me, ohhh dear.

I really hope this solves the problem of the viruses if not i really have to consider drastic measures. Good computer people out there, do you have a solution for me? no...? anybody? haha i sound like Julie from 'Julie and Julia' the cooking movie, she said something like this too. But then again, her blog turned into a hit and a book and a movie, and here is my little plot of web space.

Anyway, i realised i am about 200 plus views away from 10000 visitors, that is exciting isn't it? Well for me it is...moving on. Ps. this post is random and i'll just talk about anything that pops into my head that has happened recently.

Boardgame Depot.
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16A (1st Floor), Lorong Ara Kiri 3, Lucky Garden, Bangsar., 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My friends and i recently found this place called 'Boardgame Depot' in bangsar, really near bangsar village and so far i've only been there twice but i've had a very fun time already. You won't find the conventional games there because well i think the owner doesn't want to have mainstream boardgames there, meaning no chess, checkers, RISK (sad), monopoly, game of life, cluedo, etc. You get the picture. Instead there are all these cool games from overseas, europe if i'm not mistaken and don't worry, they're in english. The best part is the owner will just explain to you how to play the games, no need to read the instructions. You just have to go there, it's on the first floor by the way, kinda easy to miss so open your eyes, and then tell them like how many people you came with, say 2 or 5 then they'll show you the appropriate game for the number of people you have in your group. The first time i went there, we had 5 people all together and we were introduced to the game niagara.

The pretty little diamonds

It's a game where you're supposed to collect the pretty gems and avoid falling off the waterfall. It's a really good strategy game because you've got to think of how to use your cards at the appropriate time and also sabotage the other players like stealing their gems or trying to push them off the waterfall, all this while trying to collect as many gems as required. Funny thing is, i was actually playing it the wrong way and it wasn't till the end that we all realised that, anyway, the girl who couldn't really count actually won the game, ahahaha. Hope she doesn't read this.

The other game we played was red appled green apple, something that sounds like that, it's more of a debating/arguing game. Future lawyers who want to practise their debating skills should play this because you're supposed to select a card from your deck that best suits the card that is presented to everyone. Say the card that is presented says 'marriage' then you look at the cards you have and try to convince the judge why the card you picked is associated with 'marriage'.

A saboteur card, something i wanted to get

The last game we played was 'Saboteur', just as the name suggests, that's what some people, the chosen, no, more like the those who get the 'saboteur' cards have to do. See we have the 'miners' who are supposed to mine and find the gold, the sabotuers are supposed to stop them. And you may think it's easy, but when you got friends who are good at bluffing then it gets real hard. This is one game that i would like to play again, if i get a chance.

You have to solve this puzzle first

The second time i visited this place it was just me and vic, so we started with Ubongo (Pics above), which is a little like tetris, you have to solve the puzzle then only do you get to collect the jewels, so the person with the most jewels of the same colour wins. And if you finish first you get to move 3 steps, finish after that and you only get to go 1 step.Then we met some random people who randomly came to find random people like us who want to paly board games, this guy, he brought his own boardgame called 'pompeii'. I was happy just because of its name. I loved the place, as i have blogged about it before. The rules were quite complicated at first but after playing a little i loved it. The rules are really complicated and it would be best if you heard it when you actually play the game so here are the highlights, if you know the history of pompeii, the city was covered whole by lava on 79 A.D. and there were the people in the city who didn't escape. So the game is centred around this fact. First you populate the place, then there's the first warning and if you get an omen card you get to throw a person into the volcano. When the second volcano card comes out you stop populating the place and you get out of the city. Yes so it's all about where you put your people, and how to get them out. Now you may be wondering, why populate so much, wouldn't it be easier to just have a few people and then get them all out. Well it's all pro's and con's, you see you win by having the most people out, so if you have just a handful and you do manage to get some out (It's really hard to get all out) then you might loose to someone who had many people and half of which got out (Which is more than you have in a whole). It all depends on your strategy really, yeah i love the strategy stuff in board games. Oh and did i mention, the lava has a mind of it's own, meaning you can sorta 'control' the lava to reach your opponents or block the exits, whichever is more convinient. The last game was 'The red dragon inn', four people play this game and it's all based on cards alone. The point is to get everyone else 'drunk' and be the last one sober. Seriously, i kid you not. Ok, drinking till you're drunk and black out is not cool but this game is lah. I got to be the warrior girl who has like magic too. You can gamble too and that...i was not good at. Kept on loosing money. Oh the other way to kick the others out of the game is to make them broke. That's how i lost, lost to the gambler, duh. The fun thing about this game is that every character has it's strength and weaknesses. Like the gambler, he's good at gambling but he gets drunk fast. I guess you'll have to really know the game to really know how to play it. Since it was our first time, we kept asking if we could use this card or how to use this card. Happens lah i guess when each card is so different.So that's all the games i've played so far, and i am looking for a board game kaki, to you know, play boardgames with me. It's RM4 an hour and it's really worth it because just one of these games costs a bomb, plus you get to meet other people who love board games too. Yeah i am so into this that i'm reading the boardgame community of malaysia blog. Here's the link if you're interested.hint hint.

ok i think i should stop now. Hope you had fun and this is a good way to start after a hiatus.

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