Farewell farewell

So today i went to school, i thought, hey you know, some guys in my class are gonna share testi in chapel, so cool. Well i really didn't expect today....WOW.

first of all, the form 3's went to pangkor, i saw them in casual t-shirts and all and i asked where they were going, lo and behold they were going to the same hotel we're going. hahahahahaha, it's kinda funny, anyway i can ask them how the place is lah. And wai sern is going Japan today! no fair!! 2 weeks!!! well he promised to bring back coca cola label for me. I wanna see coca cola in japanese.

So on to the main point. Well chapel started kinda moody, everyone was all slow and we got scolded for being slow, so the music, there wasn't any lyrics, kinda hard to sing along. Plus i was in bad mood. Lack of sleep, lack of sleep. Then came the pastor's sharing and after that, we had the testi, miss siow surprised jas and i that we had to mc, so we continued our, what we think of teachers thing. Esther shared, that was nice, and victor and ken li shared too (ken gave 'word of wisdom' swt) Then came the teachers turn. Mr tan went first, then the rest of the techers followed. It was really cool, cause the teachers left us words of wisdom, like miss nicole said " fall 4 times, get up the fifth, fall the fifth time, get up the sixth time" you get it right? Some things kinda shocked me too,(i'll not qoute who in case they don't want to be qouted) like how teachers thought we were mature, and one teacher said uh we made class fun, and the form 4's had big steps to take to umm, be like us and they had to learn from us. That was like WOW for me.Because i thought well, we weren't that good and all. And another teacher said that the prefect board this year did a really good job, managed to do 99.5 % of the entrepenuers day thing, haha and about the discipline thing also, well just for me as the ex head prefect it's really comforting to know i did something right. Some teachers said they learned some things from us too, well we definately learned alot from them. And we all have to agree on one thing . Teachers and students in Sri Sempurna ARE Different. So it was a really cool sesion, in the end, we eneded with a worship song and we hugged and shook hands with the teachers.

Then after that,AOP class had their own heart to heart talk, we BK people joined in with them. Well i realized two things, one, is i really haven't spent much time with people other than my usual gang, and that saddens me. So i didn't have a chance to get to know them better . second thing is, if you ask me to express my feelings like face to face, i think i would do a lousy job. See i'm more words kind of person, and by this i mean written. Most of the time, i feel i encourage people by messages i send to them. Probably i'm just scared and all too. Well good thing they didn't ask me, hehe.

So i guess that summerizes all i have to say about today's farewell.


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Yit Han... said...

hahaha well then u shd actually try to say out wad do u think bout us =)