Nicole's surprise party

Haha we had a blast! and you know what SPM seemed like nothing, LOL. But then of course when we reached back, reality came rushing in again i guess....So anyway.I reached there about 6, and before that i was in megamall, my mom bought these lancome make up products so well i did the make up (free) but had no time to do the photoshoot. So sad i know. Well i reached there, was kinda forced to tie up baloons. But before that jas asked me to go up and get the stuff with her, it was hillarious because we had to bring down so many baloons, we had no hands to press the lift button, i tried to kick it but then i cramped my leg (ouch)then the pizza guy came, so we asked him to follow us down, the whole lift was filled with baloons and this guy so smart came in, went out didn't even help to hold the door open for us. sheesh. skip ski till nicole came, and all of us hid by the bushes. But wen we burst the pop thing, there was no i read the box it said 'no fireworks'.I guess that's the reason.
Esther as usual took loads of pictures, we had pizza, bbq and fruits. But then the bbq took so long to start that in the end we hardly ate any of it. The some of them went swimming and they threw in yit han. wayne, ken li and glenn threw themselves in. i just sat and laughed. hahahaha. The cake was a multi cake cake. like many slices of cake made into a cake, get it? and she got a shirt from lynn, dress from jas and book from me. He gave her something, but didn't let us see..o well.
In the end, we went back, duh. i was so seriously tired, it was a chore to get the make up off, take a quick bath, clean my room/bed and then i only got to go to sleep.Well that's all i have to report. oh yeah, me and jas took a dusbin from somewhere in the condo to use for the party, hey it's their fault for not providing one.

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