I decided to shift to blogspot, since my windows live space is giving me problems. Slow loading and everything you know, maybe you don't know cause seriously....nobody uses it. So here' my first post.....

I So don't feel like studying!!! yeah!! i mean i did long hours of studying yesterday (most probably the cause) guess i'm just exhausted, mentally i mean. My brain just doesn't want to. Plus anyway i had this whole dream which if i think of it i can turn into a tv series. No seriously, it was so detailed that it looked like something you watch on tv. The storyline however....well now i can't really remember. hahahaha. But it was like wow. My brain must have been working overtime thinking of the whole plot or my dream. So i'm trying to calm myself or to say my brain down with music and beautiful art. Yeah, the music is working fine, i'm learning alot throught the photography i'm studying. I need an accela cam. compact is just well too compact that you can't adjust, you can't really do all the adjustments you want and all that. (Photography talk here)
I'll try to go back to studying soon, maybe at 12 hehehehe. ahhh SPM is so coming soon. i dunno lah. dunno what to expect, maybe that's a good thing, cause when i don't expect stuff then something cool happens.

Just some pics taken in school...

Pinn Xhean, lynn, josephine, ira, me
jane, pn mag, me, lynn
jas and lynn

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Hanreyu... aka hoyz said...

Grats on your first blog on blogspot...

--Keep the numbers coming.... haha--