pacing outside,
to the left, turn and back the direction you came
Not a sound can be heard inside
you look around, the others nod at you slightly to assure you
You look at the door, shut tight
not a sound ca be hears inside
you wonder if everything's ok
When are they going to be done?

Soon the door opens
"How is it?" you ask the person who came out
"it was fine" is the reply
you're relieved. good, you tell yourself
"i could answer all the questions"
with relief you smile and you can finally walk away satisfied.

ok, actually, this is about a teacher waiting outside the exam hall for the students to come out. Yeah, and it was supposed to be like a hospital scene. I was inspired to write this when i came out from after finishing my math paper and my teacher was standing there and the first thing he asked me was "ok ah?" so it reminds me of the scene where there is an operation going on and the doctor comes out and the patients relatives are all eager to find out how it is. Hope you get it. haha.

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