I'm really bad at title's i know, come on, that doesn't mean the world is gonna end right? so to the point then.

I was studying perdagangan, more like memorizing and then i got to the point where i started talking to myself, i know...weird, but we all do that sometimes don't we? So i was pretending that i was in a job interview and they were asking me on my views on life, well i gave totally spontaneous responses to my own questions, i can't really remember what i asked myself, but i know one of the questions were "what are you views on the education system making children memorize facts?" Oh yea, i know, we all critisize the education system here. So, well to me i absolutely agree that making kids memorize things is just giving you head knowledge and the chances of you using any of the memorized nilai is.......? Well as my friend and i always say, "the most immoral people score for moral" and i's get moving. (but really i think this subject is like...irrelavant).

But the 'interview' of mine really made me realize that i might be like doing things for the wrong reason and i really should learn how to accept things when they don't go my way or the way i expected it. See i think i have this perfectionist habit in me. Absolutely annoying, especially when i can sense it. But i also did realize that i'm a positive kind of person, always trying to look at the bright side of things, so that good right?Although i have to admit that it was on HOLD for sometime, like a long time, i began to become pessimistic sometime ago, well it's gone now, bwahahahaha. So that's on that.

Went to the Garden's midvalley today, ok before anyone get's the idea of "wah still got exam can still go shopping ah?" talk, i did not waste the whole time, i got my butt in borders, browsed through some books, found a seat and sat there for 1 hour and 20 minutes doing perdagangan past year papers. And i finished it all!!, (please let me show off a bit). Then i met bryan on the way back, those science people, free as a bird, grrrrrrrrrr..........well he watched twilight and said it was nice, i bet it was also to make me jealous...whatver, my time shall come, it shall come. Oh yea, nicole tried to do the same thing too, but she denied ever doing so, but i tricked her. LOL . i'm kinda lazy to explain what i did, but well all i can say is "if you lay out the game field for me, i'll play alright" *evil laughter*

My goodness, these few days have been an astronimical torture, having to finish everything, and it's so near the end, yet so far. I know most of you knowhow it feels, i think it's a whole phsychology thing really, but we'll fight alright! we'll fight, and when we're done, who knows what we'll do? (in a conquer the world tone)

Oh yea, i got hooked to naruto shippuden again, and vampire knight (both accidentally) and liar game, because of a drawing i saw.......i basically have to hit myself a million times for this. uhuh. And i nearly recycled my original PMR result paper.....good thing i found it when i went throught the recycle pile. The dangerous aspect of recycling...

Just a note about Liar game, i feel it's a really cool manga, something fresh you know, after a long time. So i rea through some comments and many people tend to comment that the main character is really dumb and naive and they want her to die. Well to me, i think that the mangaka put her in like that to
a) start the story
b)probably make her the 'light' character, since the story tends to be intense with you trying to figure out what the main guy is gonna do.
c) if there was just this smart guy in the story, then it'll be like you're totally rooting for him, and people would start to say it's unrealistic blah blah.

yea there will always be critics who are totally anti, but there will always be supporters too. i watched the series, and it's kinda funny really, and i got used the guy that looked kinda girly. But since i read the manga and know what's gonna happen it's bland to me. But ust because i know what's gonna happen in the end, nothing else, probably some reactions are over, but that's te japanse sytle of doing things, notice that?

And this is the end of the longest post i have made. *self clap*

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