Oh yay! yippie yay yay!!

PN MAG GAVE BIRTH TO HER BABY!!! yeah she sms-ed me, so happy, so happy, the baby's a girl!! and you know the cool thing is i was thinking of the subject of giving birth, (not for me). So i'm like super happy, unfortunately, pn mag can't be there when we take SPM matrnity leave and all.

On another subject, today my brain was full of info and i really couldn't stuff anymore into it,so i went outside to enjoy the scenery. Then my dad came back, and he asked me why my face burnt, (he means why got pimples), then he made a little joke, can't remember it though and then left. So then i was thinking, yeah guess it is stressfull, this SPM thing, then i looked at the flowers, and remembered this verse, "even solomon with all his richess couldn't have clothes as beautiful as the flowers" and the verse is about how God feeding the crows who don't gather in crops or plant seeds and grass, basically the verse is about NOT WORRYING. So it was really cool, like a reminder from God not to worry. So when you're stressed look at the sky, ask yourself "is the sky still up there" most probably your answer will be yes, then tell yourself "then there's nothing to worry about"

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