Silver is shiny!!

Silver IS shiny! i like shiny, ok, the nice kinda shiny not the i'm trying to hard to be shiny kinda shiny (don't worry if it doesn't make sense, it just doesn't....well it does make sense to me la haha). So anyway... today's CF was good, talked about the video sermon we watched last week which was about Passion. Louie Gigglio, go youtube and google him if you're free he's a cool preacher, real funny, easy to understand, relatable and so true!

He was talking about passion and how our passion can be used to serve God, but what made is so much relatable to what i'm going though now is that, ok this is what elisa said ok, she put it in a understandable way. Silver, when taken from the ground is black, and the refiner has to put it through a very very very hot furnace to refine it, and he puts it right in the middle of the furnace where it's the hottest. So he puts it in, takes it out, puts it in, takes it out, and finally when he thinks it's done, he scrapes off the black part and you get the most silvery silver ever. And to test wether the silver is pure, he does a test, if he can see his reflection in it, then it's pure. So in the same way we're the silver with the black stuff outside, the impurities, so God puts us through the fire (testing) and sometimes he puts us in for testing, then takes us out for some happy times, and repeats the process till, well we're pure, so seeing his reflection in the silver (us) means that we reflect God's character. yea so that's what we learnt today. Pretty awesome and a reminder for me, we know this things sometimes, but just forget, or are unaware of it. So yes , i HAVE A LOT of refining to do, hey i'm a work in progresss ok!

Other than that, today i had a 4 hour nap, something i haven't done for decades.

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