According to Him

This short story was inspired by the song "According to you" by Orianthi.

“Hey, can you take out the trash honey?” Robin stood there, her hands on her hips looking at her boyfriend sitting on the couch watching the game.

“Yeah sure, 5 minutes,” was his reply, he motioned with his hands for her to leave without even looking away from the screen.

“That’s what you said yesterday, I didn’t know 5 minutes was 24 hours,” She was getting frustrated. She tapped her fingers on the table to get his attention. Finally he got annoyed and got up quickly, turned around and stared. He was telling her with his eyes words he did not want to say himself, but the message was clear, he wanted her to shut up and leave him alone.

She shook her head in disbelief, tightened her lips together in attempt to stop a scream, and a tear rolled down. She turned around, took the keys and stormed out. She had enough of him and his laziness. It wasn’t like that before, in the past he adored her couldn’t stop calling her. Wanted to be by her side every moment and listened to her laugh as if it was the song of angels. All these past memories made her even sadder as she drove out and towards somewhere else, somewhere far away from him. It wasn’t just this, there was verbal abuse coming up every now and then. At first he would apologize later and they would make up, but not anymore, now he didn’t care whether she existed or not. It came to a point that she would have welcomed his criticism with joy. No, she didn’t want to be so desperate, everyone had told her that he was not worth it but she just couldn’t let go.

Who could she go to? Samantha? No, she would just say “I told you so”. So would the rest actually, mentally browsing through her friend list, she just didn’t know who to turn to. In the end, she found herself driving up to Steve’s house. What had led her here? Guess it was just because Steve was always the friend who just heard her problems all these years with silence that somehow comforted her.

Was he even home? She cursed herself for not thinking of the possibility, but a phone call and the word “Hi” was all that was needed. In five minutes she was in the house and on the couch, bawling out all her hurts and problems. He didn’t say a word as always, just nodded, patted her shoulder and gave that simple assurance with his eyes every time they made contact. After all that, 1 solid hour of tissue paper and complaining, she gave out a huge sigh and slumped into the couch.

“Want some water?” he asked, she nodded her head and he went to get it. He came back with a cup, handed it to her and sat himself down on the other side of the couch. As she sipped the water, he stared at her. She looked up from the cup and saw him staring, embarrassed she said “Stop staring, I’m such a mess right now, my hairs all around the place and my make up’s ruined,” as she started fussing around herself, he took her hand and told her to stop. She was stunned but she stopped and looked at him in surprise.

“Robin, I’ve never ever seen you this messed up before. This is the worst.” He said.

She was offended and snatched her hand away, “Well I’m sorry for being a mess. Gee, guess I better go clean myself up for you. What? You want to start ordering me around like he does?” she asked sarcastically.

“No, that’s not it.” was his reply as she got up to leave. Again he took her hand, “I think you’re in this mess because you haven’t been reminded about how beautiful you are. “That stopped her; she searched him, seeking for the meaning behind what he said.

“From what I’ve heard from you tonight, you’ve just been told how useless and stupid you are. And after so much, no matter how much you try to dismiss it, you started to accept it. You started to want to hear something positive from him, so you stuck on and clung on to him. You told yourself that one day he’ll wake up and realize how he hasn’t appreciated you and everything will be fine. But that hasn’t happened right? No, he’s not going to change, in fact he’s going to remain that way unless some miracle happens, and even that has to be a big powerful one. Robin, look at me!” he got up and clutched her by the arms tightly. She didn’t look at him; instead she turned her head to the side and refused to budge.

“How would you know anyway?” was her bitter reply, his words has stung her as every one of it was true. “So what? So what if all you said is true? Are you going to force me to break up with him like everyone else has? Or are you going to try and relate to me? Because I highly doubt you were in the same relationship as I am. What IS IT STEVE??” She was so angry now that she turned towards him and screamed as loud as she could to his face.

He looked down and loosed his grip on her. He gave out a sigh, “No, I’m not going to do all that. I’m just going to tell you the truth,” he said in a soft but serious voice.

“Oh the truth is it?” She said in a mocking tone, “I’m ready, come on, what? I’m a big idiot for clinging on to this guy? Sorry, but I get that from everyone, next please!”

There was silence for a minute and finally he said softly, “I think you’re beautiful, you’re just so incredible and the Robin I know and love is outstanding. She doesn’t let anyone put her down, but at the same time she’s kind enough to be anyone’s friend. I love your laugh,” at this he chuckled, remembering the old times. “I haven’t heard it for a long time. And I know you’re brave and tough, you care about others more than you care about yourself. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted Robin, I love you.” He touched her right cheek with his hand softly and turned her head towards him, she looked wonderingly into his eyes as he started to arrange every strand of her hair in its place.

“Thank you,” she said softly, just loud enough for him alone to hear. He was still arranging her hair when he smiled and wanted to say "Welcome" but was abruptly stopped with a kiss on the mouth from her.


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