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My movie review for the movie: Another cinderella story.
At the end of the movie i was wondering to myself, was this a dance show? a musical? well if you read the summary of the movie you get the feeling that this is a dancing movie, but then i see there's a lot of singing in it.....

Another cinderella story is like what the sotry says, it's another cinderella story, you have cinderella known here as mary, the evil step mother, 2 evil stepsisters and of course the prince. But there's some extra, there's an extra evil And cinderella has a best friend. They meet at the ball, check.She leaves something behind, check. The prince goes looking out for her, check.they fall in love check. Now the evil stepsisters are act really dumb, reminds me of the evil stepsisters from cinderella girl (the hillary duff one) so does the evil step mom, now that's ok, that's normal. What's not normal is the middle of the show. I'll not give spoilers here, but my theory of why this happened is this....the producers must have thought, "Oh, it's called another cinderella story....or is it?" so they add a twist in the middle. A very confusing twist if you ask me. seriously. It's hard to explain, but i was thinking to myself "What was the point of that conflict?" wa it because they needed to give the evil stepsisters a chance to get back at her? they did that already really.

But anyway, there were some nice parts i have to say so myself. So if you want to check it out yourself, then knock yourself out.

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