Brake!! Brake!!

Yea, that's what i got from my driving teacher and also my dad. So it's official, my legs hate the brakes. I'm fine with a clear road, but put cars on that road, oh oh. Well i guess i just have to get used to it sooner or later, i just hope no accidents happen. I dunno if i have insurance for this, gosh!! Why is Malaysian public transport so inconvinient, incompetant and plain awefull??? why??? why?? Lousy, lousy, lousy. Really wish the public transport would be improved so that ppl will use less cars, less pollution will happen and oh yah, no parking fee's/ problems, no insurance payment, no road tax payment, no toll paying. Plus let's see, maintainance of car, yea that too. SEE, i know cars are nice, DUH!! i love it everytime my dad brings back a cool car. But really, if public transport were efficient, i would only need a car or emergencies.

Yes i know, every teenager wants to drive, i wanted to drive too, but now i feel awefully lazy and scared of the crazy drivers out there. *rolls eyes*

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