The storm

Today i decided to sit in for senior chapel, oh ya, before that i decided to help with the gate duty, (open cars door) haven't done that in ages, gosh. So mr nigel was sharing today, and it was about Jesus and his disciples in the boat and there was a storm, Jesus got up and commanded the storm to stop and it did. And the disciples were like "who is this man, he gives commands to the wind and the waves and they obey him" So yea, the storm doesn't just refer to the obvious weather kind of storm, but the trouble in our lives, the storms in our lives. Well i would say the storm in my life is the descision about college. So yea, it's true, "if we concentrate on the storm, well it'll all seem impossible, but if we concentrate on God, then we'll be just fine." And Jesus, after he calmed the storm, he said to the disciples "where is your faith?" well, that i so true, where is our faith? where is my faith? in God or in everything else?

Then later i was doin devotion, and it talked about faith again, faith being sure of what you hope for and believing that God will answer. So these two lessons have been relaying in my mind for the whole day, and it has helped me through this day (it being a really tough one). Thank You Lord.

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