My everyday

Everyday i wake up at 5.45, now you must be wondering why i wake up so early, trust me, i don't usually or normally do that. I wake up because i go to school. Yes i still go to school, i go there to help out in all the minor jobs, yeah but i find it fun la. Ok so sometimes i feel so bored cause there's nothing to do at the moment, but the next minute i find work, and then another job comes and another one. Yeah then i'm not so bored anymore. Haha don't worry, it's ok, like i said, i'm having fun because i have something to do! LOL. I guess i'm used to alot of work coming at a go. So the fun part of volunteering at school is that i get to meet the teachers and can be more friendly because they don't have to turn into teacher mode on you. Being strict and all that. hehe. I also get to see my juniors and talk to them, so that's really fun.

so i reach home about 3.50, i'm dead tired by now and sleep till 7 or 8, yes i'm serious, then i eat, bathe, surf the net, watch tv blah blah, sleep at 12, so i basically work on 5 hrs of sleep, ahaha....i know it's bad. I so know. But anyway, that's how my day goes on weekdays, unless i skip school to learn driving or do other things. ok, i'm done buh bye.

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