Finally we had our reunion!! of ahahaha too bad my voice sounds like a toad....yeah, i lost my voice, got the flu, lilttle bit of fever, tadah! you get lost of voice. Anyway it was really great lah, haven;t seen some of them for like forever. So yesterday lynn came over to sleepover, it was really fun, we cooked cocktail sausages and i got the inspiration to open my shop (selling cocktail sausages )and name it ........... hehe shall not tell you what the name is. it's just a joke lah. then went to the park, took some crazy light photo's and then sat down to chat, it was a really good chat, catching up, sharing our feelings all that. Then she saw a 'worm' (centerpede lah) then we went back, wow it was 1 hr already. Settled down and watched the prince and me, hahaha funny show, and very romantic too!

So sleeping was easy but getting up wasn't, oh i kep on getting up then go back to sleep, finally i just got up and watched the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl, it's a ok show la, weird t some parts but okla. Then went megamall. Wah we spent 6 hrs there before everyone came, walking around, taking pics, went to many shops i haven't been before,tiring betul.

Finally they all came, we didn't tell anyone where we were eating, we just said gardens, and then we took them to an expensive restaurant and they were like "ok somebody gotta stay back and wash dishes" hahaha then we finally took them to the food court, the food garden, nice place, lots of variety, ok price lah (really depends on what you order) and nice ambience. So we were really noisy, malu lah. But it was really fun. Yup yup. So that's all. Oh ya bought a dress too....lalalala.

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