Random post 1

I love reading books, i wish someone would sponser me for books, no parents don't count. Well so i'm currently reading inkheart, and to my surprise, the movie was quite accurate in terms of following the book. Well they did move some parts front, and delete some really minor parts, and added their own, it's the movie business what can i say. But really, it's accurate, i haven't got to the end of inkheart yet, but what i've read so far was good. And i bought the 3 in one, so it's like a thousand pages. 3 books for RM80, VERY worth it, i mean the book inkheart by itself is already RM40, so yea do the math.

I am clearing my com, whoopy....so many movies, pics, no wonder there's lagging.

I realized that every little thing you do, you've got to think about the consequences. And you shouldn't be pushed around by people.

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