Alumni O_O

For the alumni i went dress shopping....yes for those who know me, that's a big leap, but i was in malacca and i was like, "ah might as well lah" so i went for a super mega fast dress shopping, and these are some of what i tried. Note: i got stuck and lost trying on dresses, and became so tired too, haha but good thing i had pam and krystal with me to help! thank you both of you! Oh yea, my hair is also a mess in some of the pics....LOL

Awesme dress (up) with awesome price RM 300...

I got lost in this on, who knew the zip was supposed to be at the side!

This is the one is finally bought, really nice and comfortable! go VOIR!

The alumni dinner was ok, saw the first batch of seniors and it's like 7 graduate classes gathered in one hall, really cool. Our ex headmistress als came, so the food was good, deco was really nice too, too bad i didn't bring my cam.

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