Selling books! half price!

Selling textbooks and workbooks, i prefer to sell to SMSS students only, it's easier to pass it to you that way, but if you're not from SMSS but really want it then i guess we could work something out. For enquiries leave a comment in this post. TQ!

A description and price will be under each pic, so browse through, all in good condition! If i have done any work in the book, made notes or anything, there will be comments about it too! Accepting only serious buyers.

Add math f5 textbook, i wrapped it, didn't touch it and dropped the subject, ahahaha

RM 13.60 (this is not half price because it's practically new!)

also bought and decided not to take the subject, a really compact revision book for econs,
RM 8.50 (also practically new!)

Gives basic infor on BM tatabahasa, loads of peribahasa for your reference
RM 5

Anak laut and Bukit kepong reference in one book. F4,gives you a sipnosis, plot, tema, gaya bahasa etc. so it's quite good.
RM 3

EST, F4, workbook. No comment, i don't take the subject.

Accidentally bought this book, it has nothing to do with your normal BM paper.

Dwibahasa, very good if you're used to the bm terms and need reference for eng.
RM 9

LOADS of questions, though i'm not sure if it's applicable for the new sylabbus next year. But really good for next years f5
RM8 (i have done some practices, so there are scribbles, and workings, but not many)

BM workbook
RM 3.50

Perdagangan workbook. i have done the questions on chpt 1 and 2

Add math workbook f4 (i did a little bit of chpt 1 only)
RM 4

SEJARAH f4 reference book. (i have underlined the notes in it, just for a few chpts) it has loads of extra info that is not in the textbook, so be a littl careful when using it to study.
RM 7.50

Ekonomu asas F4 and F5, about 850 questions, not used at all.

Step ahead 4, F4,
RM 20

F4 maths books, notes here and there but otherwise really good condition

Didn't really open the book really....
RM 7.50

SEJARAH f4 below is a sample of how i make my notes in it, so see if you don't mind it's condition

RM 7

Past year SPM acc questions,condition:really used, notes in it,


Kertas Ramalan for SPM accounts, did only the first paper.
RM 3

kertas ramalan for pendidikan moral SPM, not used
RM 3

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