Over dah!

hohohohohohohoho it's over, it's over! spm is over!! finally!! lalalala, well i have to say the last paper was good, surprisingly, it was such a torture waiting for the last minute, i mean even the examiners asked us to go out. But well jas said we should stay till the last min, so i guess i thought, "ah might as well lah". So then we took pics with the examiners, and changed to shopping clothes! Went to mv, had a little bump trying to start things, but in the end it was good. Watched twilight, it was good, a little slow for me, for me edward was talking really slow. A little too much hesitation for me and the story kinda picked up slowly too at the start. Uh weird that they didn't mention Edward composing the song for bella, but they did play it, LOVED the baseball part. Got used to Jasper, lol. But there were some parts where they cut and all, but since i read the book, i kinda know what they cut.....overall as i said, the movie was good.
I waslked till i could walk no more, hahaha, seriously, i was dying to get to the car! So now i'm back home, gotta do a few things, including making sure my ounger bro does his revision...hahahahahahaha

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