A little rant O_O

i think this is my first rant on my new blog, well it's about time too. Ok rant number one, what is so nice about bbq? no seriously, you smoke stuff and most of the time it gets burned. Well for me personally i hate the smoke, the burnt smell, the smell that gets onto my body and hair and the cancer that i can potantially get, and most of the time amatuers do it so the food is inedible. Yea, i prefer steamboat anyday. Plus to bbq, you seriously need to have a skill, not everyone knows if a glowing charcoal is good or not, for me i feel heat coming out i think it's ok, wrong!! apparently glowing is good for something, fire is good for something and so on. So yes, i'm not a fan of bbq, but i still go. Malaysians seem to like it, i don't know.

second rant. Why do people always have to complain that i don't eat vegetables or chilli, seriously, the last time i checked, that wasn't illegal. Really, can't you just let me be? i mean i could say to you why don't you like (fill in blank with what you don't like to eat) and you would just say because i don't like it right? same here, it's not a complicated thing really, don't need a team of whizz brains to figure it out, i'll give you the answer, I don't like to eat chilli and vegetables just because i don't like to, now let's move on with life can we? Hey it's not like i choose not to be born to not like these two things, i just don't find it nice to eat, so i don't eat. (getting my drift here?).

third rant. Is it really that hard to write christmas? just a few more alphabets, so what if you don't believe in the religion? you're still celebrating the celebration right? so use the right name lor. (not meant to be racist here, just want to point out something) Is it nice if i wrote selamat hari X? or gong xi fa X, Xvali? no? well i don't see people doing it to any other festival, so why christmas? goodness knows christmas is the most popular and most well decorated season. So ok, you don't believe in the message of christmas,ok, but at least respect it's name.

well to tell you honestly, there are many things i have to complain about, yea complain, but i'll spare whoever reads this.

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