Pulau Pangkor O_O

Just came back from pulau pangkor, exhausted, dark, but i had a really great time. Ohohohoho, when i came back, i really missed it already, it was really fun to just be with my friends (though we were really messy people, no seriously, the room was a mess!!). So i shall start from day one to the last day lah hor.
Day 1
Got to pudu bus station, i know i was really early, but that was kinda like the point, haha, but it was ok, i finally got to se what pudu bus station was like. Old but really busy. crowded too. So our bus left at like 8.30, oh yea, found out there was another group with us, so i got the individual seat in the bus, which i was really surprised with, cause i thought the bus would be like the normal ones we take for field trips, but nope, this one was really nice, the interior and all was cool....hahaha, no really, it was a good bus trip and the driver was fast, which made the trip fast (duh). So when we reached lumut, i knew what to expect. Hot sun, heat and a real hunt for food, but we managed to find something decent to eat. And i accidentally ordered 2 drinks, so i had to drink both, lol. Got on the boat, sadly it wasn't the one where you can go on the top, so we just had to sit, there was a funny show on, but then they turned it off when the boat started moving...darn. Then got to the hotel, coral bay resort, it was a fine hotel lah i guess, the room was ok, good enough lah i guess, we didn't come for the luxury, but to spend time with each other. Then we took off to the beach, where pong and i tried to fly our kites, but i forgot to bring one stick (the important one) so we had to improvise, while we were doing that some guys who did the boat tour thing came and helped us, well to cut story short, my kite got stuck in tree, pong's flew high, but i got my kite back because it miracullously fell down..cool.We also went to the neighbour room (the room where the group i mentioned about earlier stayed)we played 'empire', well it was supposed to help us know each other's name, but then most of their names were in chinese, so it was hard for me. But then first it seemed like wayne was winning, esther and i kinda pakated lah, then after that a boy from the other group got most of the people, then ken li got all of them. So it seems like we're loosing right? cause me and esther were only 2 and there were like so few left, ahahaha this is where you're wrong, this is actually a really good opportunity! cause all you have to do is identify the leader and you get every one and win! and that's exacty what we did, we got lynn's group first, then with the help of victor our alley, we took down ken li's group and won, and got the last guy! hehehehe done and finished! This is also the day i first played a psp. Yes i know, pathetic, but it's the first time i actually played a game on a psp, and it was naruto, and i totally rocked it man!! i got the superpower all the time. LOL. esther hated me for that lah hahaha. We had chinese food, which i heard was really popular that you had to have a booking in order to eat there, woooo. And it was so near the hotel. Got back, played a little bit of taboo and then went to sleep.

day 2
got up at 6.35 cause we had to be at the lobby at 7 something and we had 18 ppl saring 2 bathrooms, so do the math. I tell you, i was so tired that i left the alarm ringing for 35 mins, finally i got sick of it, got up, turned it off and the aircond too and got up. We went to the beach and went for our island hopping, if you ask me, i'll say that the boat driver is a little crazy or adventurous, it really depends on how you see it lah. he purposely tilt the boat so that you're like gonna fall and the water splashes on you. We saw the 6 star hotel, and i was thinking to myself, you pay like 2 k, and you get harassed by tourists like us, LOL. we saw loads of rock formations that looked like animals, hehe another proof of God's amazing creations. Then he dumped us on a beach. We started playing captain ball with the other group, it was really crazy, but fun. then some of them swung into the sea, but then we soon got tired, and the boat guy never came, he passed by but never came. we were there for 2 hours and then finally he came, the excuse was there was a miscommunication, well whatever lah, we then went snorkeling, not that clear though the water, but we saw fish, sadly all the coral died, i was just staring at all the dead coral and wondering how beautiful it must have looked. I managed to attract some fish with the bread i was holding, hahaha lynn didn't believe me at first, but then later she tried it and the fish did come. So that was the end of our boat trip. In the evening, we rented some bikes and decided to challenge ourselves by cycling around the whole island. ok seriously, this was a great accomplishment. i have to write it down. WE PUSHED OUR BIKES UP STEEP HILLS, CYCLED DOWN AT TROUMENDOUS SPEEDS AND CYCLED 12 KM!!. Obviously we were exhausted after that, ok i admit there were several times i was like, "why, why did i agree to do this" but then if you think logically, if you decide to go back the way you came from, you still had to climb the hills, and you wouldn't finish the journey. So we pushed on, cm by cm. i didn't zoom down the steep hills cause of a past accident i had, but wayne was kind enough to stay behind with me while i painstakingly pushed my bike down the hill. Yea, not many guys would give up the thrill of going down a hill at outstanding speeds to wait slowly for you. That night we had service, but before that i felt a little uncomforable, so i decided to rest, then i found out i had fever, oh joy. The service was really good, the worship was great, and the message was great too. i could feel God's prescence there and he healed my sore throat too during the worship. It was a really good sharing cause it was relevant with our situation, we just graduating and all, well it gave us a light to what we should do in pursuing our future, how to do it the right way. Then we went over to the neighbours and played taboo. sleep.

Day 3
Woke up fresh at 8 cause i had my 8 hours of sleep, but the others didn't apparently. Made tuna sandwich for them. Then we went to town, lol, we went to every souvenior shop even though they mostly sell the same things.But it was fun, ate lunch there and went back.We watched what a girl wants, and it was really fun cause that show rocks!Later some of them played the water sports, it was really funny cause some of them got flinged into the sea, but they enjoyed themselves, as for me, i had fun laughing and attempting to pay bach volleyball. At night we had steam boat, and then we went to a restaurant at 11 to have supper, after that i felt sick again....joy...grrrr....so i went back to the room, while the rest went to the beach, chat and tried fishing.

Day 4
I found out three people didn't sleep at all....anyway, packed up stuff fast, went to the town to buy the dried stuff and then went home.
Now i'm here, really tired, but i really had fun. Gonna miss each and everyone of them alot.

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