Comic Fiesta

Yes i went for comic fiesta this year! and yes! i cosplayed Toph! and it was aweseome, team avatar was great!! there was me, katara, suki, aang and azula. Yea, sadly we had no zuko and sokka, and no guys at all (aang was a girl). But it's ok. We did a group skit but unfortunately the sound system was bogus and well even WE on the stage couldn't hear the sound. And we practised so hard, ok for me it was 2 days before, but the rest really deserved better than this. Well they were a fun bunch. Don't know if i'll cosplay next year, i don't think my mom is gonna cash out RM 200 plus again for me.....she was taken by surprise this year

For me, this year was good lah, haha, ok not so good description. Well the venue totally changed from last year. LAst year it was cramped, hot, stuffy and crowded, this year it was in sunway convention centre, so it's huge and air conditioned! but the lighting according to many was lousy. And for me the sound system had to have problems during OUR skit....why oh why. As for the doujin booths, i noticed many KHR things were being sold, so for me, i'm not into it, so nothing much to see or buy this year. The only thing i bought was a FMA calendar. But maki's friend sakura bought the X (clamp) artbook for RM30, it's so worth it, all coloured, felt cover and gold writing! i browsed through it with her and it was really great.

As for the cosplay, well it was nice taking photo's with the group, the great thing about being toph is that she's usually bored, and i don't like to show much expression, so tadaa! so easy hehe. I just have to occasionally look mean and tough. It was also cool watching maki and wei ling (i think this is how you spell her name) sew, seriously! they altered their own costumes and maki made my headband, it was really nice! (Puteri gunung ledang haha) and in the end everything fit them perfectly *bows*. I need to learn how to sew...note to self. Ok i do, but then the mechanics of making it conceled and all, haven't got that figured out yet.

Oh yea, i also got sick a day before CF! i got a high fever on the 19th, fever and perging on 20th so if it weren't for that i would have had MORE fun!! even sickness! i hate being sick! thanks maki for taking care of me!

ok before i go just a pic of the group

from left: katara, suki, toph, azula
credit for the photo goes to andrew wong

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