Things we need

Imagine if some of the f5's decided to live together in 1 apartment, well it's just a imaginary thing lah, but imagine i dunno 15 ppl , 4 room apartment, 3 toilets, 1 kitchen, 1 multipurpose area....


  1. a big big big toilet..or many big big big toilets
  2. Hygene rules
  3. Real food, not junk
  4. laundry bag
  5. Big dustbin and rubbish throwing system
  6. washing machine
  7. detergent (for everything)
  8. mop and broom
  9. shoe rack
  10. welcome carpet
  11. Tv, surround system
  12. fridge, microwave, water boiler, toaster, stove
  13. kitchen set (complete with knivs, pots, pans anything you need in a kitchen)
  14. cutlenary set
  15. Bikes (many many)
  16. books
  17. beds, sofa, dining table and chairs,mirrors, tables
  18. airconds
  19. radio, alarm clock
  20. huge wardrobe, hangers
  21. multipurpose table
  22. showers
  23. wireless internet
Probably what the place would look like (up) not bad heh? {click on image for full view}

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